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Colors & Sizes

What colors do the Tender Tanks come in?

            Currently Tender Tanks are available in 4 great colors:


                                                 *Limoges Blue

*Teaberry Red




What size Tender Tank should I buy?

 I wanted to give you measurements of the different sizes to give you a better idea of how the tanks run. These measurements were taken with the tank laying flat and not stretched. The material is pretty thick so it feels like it hugs you, but stretches like a bathing suit. They tend to run a bit large to allow for reconstruction. If you want a snugger fit, order a size smaller.


 Tank Size     Chest Measurement     Hip Measurement


                                    XS                        35                              36 1/2

                                      S                        37                              38 1/2

                                      M                       39                              40 1/2

                                      L                        41                              42 1/2

                                    XL                        43                              44 1/2

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